I’m Hanbin Ying (Victor), currently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. I work in SiGe Devices and Circuits team led by Dr. John Cressler. My PhD research aims to investigate the feasibility of using SiGe HBT technology for cryogenic applications. In particular, I have a lot of experience in cryogenic integrated circuit design, device physics, device and circuit characterizations, and device compact modeling. A brief summary of my research can be found in here.

I like to collaborate with other researchers. I believe that researchers from different backgrounds complement each other and form a great team. As a matter of fact, many of my researches stem from conversations with teammates and folks around the world. One goal of this website is for you to know me better so that we can potentially collaborate. I'm also happy to just chat about any technical questions.

As always, though I can't promise I know everything, I'll try to be helpful and always responsive to emails. You can reach me for any questions or comments.

Hanbin Ying